Greta’s Staff Spotlight

Who is your favourite author? Carmen Maria Machado  What are you reading now?  All men want to know by Nina Bouraoui  What is your CNF recommendation? In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado  What does ‘Truth in Ink’ mean to you? Truth in Ink means authenticity, it means profoundly…

Epoch Press Submission Process

We at Epoch have decided that transparency is the best policy and following this, you’ll find an extensive breakdown on how we review and accept pieces.

Author Spotlight: Leanne Grabel

Leanne Grabel is the author of ‘Millionth Crow Poem’ featured in Issue 01 Beginning, which can be purchased from our shop. Grabel is a writer IN LOVE with mixing literary genres. Her most recent book is Gold Shoes, a collection of illustrated prose poems. Grabel was a monthly columnist for Another Chicago Magazine. Where…

First, There was the Comb Jelly

We are excited to present our featured story from our inaugural issue, Beginnings, by Kirsten Reneau. Reneau is working on her MFA in creative nonfiction at the University of New Orleans. Her work has also been accepted into The Threepenny Review, Hobart, Hippocampus Magazine, etc.

In Conversation with Kirsten Reneau

When I sat down with Kirsten Reneau, I did not know entirely what to expect. What I learned from our conversation is that she’s not just a writer, but a passionate and articulate proponent of Creative Non-Fiction; she is a student and a teacher, and an editor in her own right at Bayou Magazine. To say we got along well is an understatement.

Cara’s Staff Spotlight

Who is your favourite author? What a mean question! I suppose it depends on what I’m looking for, really.  If I need a laugh, nothing is better than a title by Christopher Moore. If I need an escape, I can rely on Richelle Mead to have me completely gripped by…