Bringing it Personal

Shortly after midnight on July 24, 2020, I was listening to folklore, Taylor Swift’s first surprise album. I liked the first two songs a lot, but the third, “the last great American dynasty,” especially drew me in— the story of a woman named Rebekah, a divorcee who partied her husband…

Pushcart Prize Nomination: My Mother’s First …

I am my mother’s first daughter. My mother, who taught me how to
weed a garden. She taught me how to pull carefully at the base
of the stem, to bring up the roots. Otherwise, the weed will just
grow back.
I am my mother’s first daughter, despite the hair that grows
on my chin and my chest and my legs and below my belly button
and spreads more onto my shoulders every day. Despite my broad
shoulders and the almost imperceptible lumps of my pectoral
muscles sitting over two long, white scars. Despite my low voice and
my short, comb-over haircut.
I look in the mirror at my receding hairline, my angular jaw,
the musculature of my chest and abdomen and I see daughter etched
in every line of my body. It spreads like a weed. It was there when I
put on my first pair of boxer shorts. It was there when I was wheeled
into surgery and there when I woke up Those two long scars on my
chest revealing an absence of breasts, daughter stitched into each one.
It is there every other Sunday when I sit on the toilet and stick a
needle into my thigh and push the testosterone gel into my skin. I
think it will push daughter out but it does not. No matter what I do, I
cannot bring up the roots.

Pushcart Prize Nomination: A Place by Samantha …

I want to use the photographs to cover up the last week. Boxes and boxes of them are carted out. They have to be divided amongst the three of us siblings anyway, we may as well start now. The journey is red eyed, but tearless. We don’t like to cry in front of each other, but I don’t know why. Vulnerability was a sin in my mother’s childhood and I think a little of that was poured into our family recipe.

Artist Spotlight: Sofia Eskola

Sofia Eskola is a Finnish photographer. Her work stems from exploring different emotions. Visually Eskola uses a conceptual approach to exhibit the diversity of mindsets and to reduce social polarization. You can follow Sofia on Twitter and Instagram. Sophia’s photography pieces, “I Will Fix You” and “You Have Crossed the Line”,…

Author Spotlight: Blake Parrish Carpenter

You can follow Blake Parrish Carpenter on Twitter. Their piece, ‘What Makes a Question Necessary’, is in Epoch’s Issue 4, Transitions.  ‘Transitions’ is such an evocative theme, what compelled you to submit for this issue?  When I saw that “transitions” was the theme of this issue, I knew it would…

Author Spotlight: Gargi Shivanand

Gargi Shivanand is an aspiring researcher and poet based in Hyderabad, India. When not pursuing research, she spends her time divining the stories behind people’s smiles by trying to put herself in their shoes because she regularly loses/breaks her own. She also enjoys gabbing with her father and discovering how…

Artist Spotlight: Mohamed Tonsy

Mohamed Tonsy is a queer Egyptian writer and a recent PhD graduate of Edinburgh University. Mohamed has a ceramics practice that runs parallel to his writing, occasionally blending both forms. In 2019, he took part in Talbot Rice GallerysTrading Zoneexhibition. The ceramic pieces created were made to reflect on trauma, physical…