We are currently accepting submissions for work themed on ‘Transition’.

Each submission period we will accept a maximum of (1) creative nonfiction submission and/or (2) poetry submissions from each submitting author. However, in order to promote a variety of voices, please note that we currently accept a maximum of one submission per author for each issue. 

Regarding artwork, at this time, we are only able to review five submissions per artist

Authors who have had work accepted in previous issues of Epoch are welcome to submit again in any subsequent issue. 


Epoch has no set minimum or maximum length, but we recommend keeping your piece below 6,000 words.

All prose submissions must:
1) include a word count in the top right corner;
2) be written in English;
3) use Times New Roman or similar 12pt font;
and 4) be formatted with double spacing.

All poetry submissions must be written (primarily) in English.

*Our editors appreciate the inclusion of Content Warnings whenever possible.
**Please note that should your work include images or photographs, by default we will print them B&W unless you specifically state otherwise and are willing to pay the fee for colour printing.


Artwork must be submitted as .jpeg files, with a resolution of 72 dpi and dimensions of at least 595 x 841 pixels. Before submitting, please ensure that you are able to provide images as .tiff tiles with a resolution of 300 dpi and dimensions of at least 2480 x 3508 pixels for continuous-tone art and a resolution of 1200 dpi and dimensions of at least 9921 x 14032 pixels for line art. In the event that your work is selected, work which does not meet these criteria will not be eligible for publication. 

In the body of your submission email, please include full caption information for each piece: title, year, medium, dimensions, any relevant ‘courtesy of’ information, and the name and contact information of models featured in any photography.

Submissions that do not include proper caption information cannot be processed. 


Musical submissions must be submitted in a .mp3 or .wav file, and accompanied by a .docx file containing all lyrics (when applicable). Additionally, in the email body, please include a short bio and blurb about your work (50-100 words).

We have no minimum or maximum requirements for musical submissions.

Because we review anonymously, we kindly request— especially if a piece relates to sensitive subjects— that our contributors only submit work that relates to their own lived experience.

How to Submit

Please send your best written work to submissions@epochpress.org, your best artwork to art@epochpress.org, and your best music to music@epochpress.org.

1. Please confirm that your submission is creative nonfiction by putting CNF in the subject line, along with the theme of the current issue. 

2. A brief paragraph in the body of your email detailing any information about yourself that you feel informs your work. This paragraph will be included as a note with your submission, and shared with our editors. We also appreciate the inclusion of your pronouns, but this is optional.

Note: Your submission will still be reviewed anonymously, and as such we aren’t able to include your name or any previous publications in the notes attached to your submission. Author bios will be requested upon acceptance. 

3. Attach your submission(s) to the email as a .docx file for written submissions, a .jpeg file for art submissions, and an .mp3 or .wav file for music submissions. If submitting multiple pieces, please attach each piece as a separate file.

4. Please name files: FirstLast.Title-of-Submission (ex: CherylStrayed.Tiny-Beautiful-Things)

5. Do not include your name or other identifying information anywhere within the written piece itself, with exception of signed artwork. We review anonymously.

Accepted Submissions

You will be notified within two weeks of the closing date for submissions– although we aim to respond within 6-8 weeks. If your work is accepted, you will need to sign a publishing agreement granting Epoch the non-exclusive right to publish your work. This agreement requires our contributors to confirm that their submission: 1) includes accurate information that has been verified by reasonable sources; 2) takes care to avoid inadvertent error; and 3) does not deliberately distort any circumstances or facts which took place. You will retain copyright for your work, but subsequent publications must include a credit line indicating that your piece first appeared in Epoch literary journal, with the appropriate issue and year.