Pre-order BEGINNINGS today!

Pre-order BEGINNINGS today!

Epoch literary journal is thrilled to announce that our inaugural issue, ‘Beginnings’, is available for pre-order. This approximately 160-page journal of creative non-fiction collects the stories of 28 writers and 5 artists exploring what ‘Beginnings’ means to them and can be found here.

Beginnings are simultaneously vague and specific. Here, at the point that we determine to be the beginning of Epoch Press, we have gathered beginnings of love, loss, spirituality, hope, despair, life and much more. The authors of this issue have brought together truth and creativity, showcasing insightful and significant stories of modern living.

Everything we have done, from finding our working style to raising over £3000 in our first Kickstarter, has been in the desire of seeing this issue come to fruition. It is, just as the theme suggests, our beginning encapsulated in a book.

In the words of our Editor-in-Chief:

[W]e’re all too familiar with the simultaneous anticipation and apprehension that a blank page or a white canvas inspires. The possibilities are endless –and that blank page stares back at us. Which is precisely why the theme of ‘Beginnings’ for our inaugural issue could not have been more apt. We too were starting from a blank page.’

This issue has been a labour of love from all of us here at Epoch Press. What started out as a team of one grew, gathering a community of like-minded creatives from all over the world with a passion for literature and truth. As of the end of 2021, the Epoch team encompasses over 20 individuals!

We appreciate everyone who has already pre-ordered or bought merchandise and everyone who has supported us. Looking forward to sharing more incredible works by artists and writers from around the world in Issue 2. Stay tuned and until then, pre-order Issue 1 now and get it January 2021!

Epoch Press
Epoch Press

Epoch Press is an independent press dedicated to publishing exceptional creative nonfiction.
We publish truth in ink.


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