Author Spotlight: Fey

Xuan Nguyen is a writer and artist who does music as FEYXUAN. They have two chapbooks, THE FAIRIES SING EACH TO EACH (Flower) and LUNG, CROWN, AND STAR (Lazy Adventurer).

Author Spotlight: G. H. Plaag

Griffin Plaag is a writer, musician, historian, and baseball enthusiast living in Roanoke, Virginia (though he’s a New Englander at heart), where he’s pursuing an MFA at Hollins University.

Get Thee to a Bakery by Rick …

Rick Bailey’s latest collection of essays utilises personal anecdotes to weave together a myriad of themes and subjects. Life writing at its finest, this is a warm, funny and relatable read, perfect for the part-time foodie amongst us.  As the title suggests, Bailey naturally spends a fair bit of time…

Greta’s Staff Spotlight

Who is your favourite author? Carmen Maria Machado  What are you reading now?  All men want to know by Nina Bouraoui  What is your CNF recommendation? In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado  What does ‘Truth in Ink’ mean to you? Truth in Ink means authenticity, it means profoundly…

Epoch Press Submission Process

We at Epoch have decided that transparency is the best policy and following this, you’ll find an extensive breakdown on how we review and accept pieces.