Artist Spotlight: Sophia Bharmal

Sophia Bharmal is an architecture graduate based in London whose artwork focuses on a fragmentation and fantastical view of cities in India. Using memories as a powerful tool to recreate spaces in her own form.

Author Spotlight: Keith Langston

Keith Langston writes for Screen Rant and Passport Magazine. His literary writing has appeared in Hobart, 86 Logic, The Daily Drunk, and more.

Understanding CNF

Creative non-fiction (CNF) refers to a piece of writing that uses typical literary styles or techniques (such as figurative language, playing with tenses and/or narrative perspectives etc.) to tell factually faithful narratives.

Author Spotlight: Fey

Xuan Nguyen is a writer and artist who does music as FEYXUAN. They have two chapbooks, THE FAIRIES SING EACH TO EACH (Flower) and LUNG, CROWN, AND STAR (Lazy Adventurer).

Author Spotlight: G. H. Plaag

Griffin Plaag is a writer, musician, historian, and baseball enthusiast living in Roanoke, Virginia (though he’s a New Englander at heart), where he’s pursuing an MFA at Hollins University.

Get Thee to a Bakery by Rick …

Rick Bailey’s latest collection of essays utilises personal anecdotes to weave together a myriad of themes and subjects. Life writing at its finest, this is a warm, funny and relatable read, perfect for the part-time foodie amongst us.  As the title suggests, Bailey naturally spends a fair bit of time…