Music Submission Process

We will be on the lookout for amazing songs written from the heart about real experiences or inspired by real events. Any genre is acceptable!

Artist Spotlight: Fabio Coruzzi

Born in Italy and living in Los Angeles, Fabio Coruzzi’s CV includes a long list of shows, fairs and art projects where he has been represented at many institutions spanning the UK, US and Europe, including the V&A, London Underground, LA Metro, the BBC, and many more.

Author Spotlight: Emily Polson

Emily Polson holds a BFA in creative writing from Belhaven University and has published poems in Wine Cellar Press and the Brogue.

Artist Spotlight: Diana Simon

Diana Simon is a mother, psychologist, and artist living in southern California. Her artwork often takes a critical view of social, psychological, and cultural issues; however, the ultimate goal of each piece is to find something beautiful that the viewer can enjoy.

Author Spotlight: Michael Riordan

Michael Riordan is a retired professor of Writing and Film Studies who has taught in the U.S., Australia, Singapore and China. In 2020, he won First Prize for nonfiction in the U.S.-based “Ageless Authors” international writing competition.

Cutting Through the Bullshit

Creative-non-fiction is different from other factual writing (such as journalism or academia) because it uses the same muscles and mechanisms that fiction does. It curls real life into the shape of stories, and as it does, it imparts truth. It gives you feeling, experience and ideas all wound together, and from these things we gather a closeness. A humanity.