Cara Bentley


Cara Bentley loves reading stories that create a narrative by connecting interesting research with lived experiences. She believes that in this way, creative nonfiction feels like magic – it can begin a story with a description of the long and tedious process of making risotto, and somehow leave the reader considering the thoughts of an expecting father. Cara wanted to work on a project that would contribute to the literary community by sharing stories like these. So when she struggled to find a publication like the one she had in her head, she decided the only course of action was to establish one herself.

Cara received her BA in English, with an emphasis in creative writing, from California State University Channel Islands. This was followed by two postgraduate degrees – an MSc in Literature and Society from the University of Edinburgh and an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Aberdeen. Outside of literature, Cara is drawn to any body of water than she can swim in – especially if it’s pup friendly.

Scheherazade Khan

Managing Editor

Scheherazade is currently completing her PhD in Intersectional Analysis at the University of Edinburgh and working simultaneously as a freelance proofreader and editor. A fan of all things storytelling, she is a keen reader and addicted to coffee; the perfect combination for staying up late into the night finishing book after book. 

Hillary Bryan

Managing Art Editor

Hillary Bryan is a published artist and illustrator based in Southern California whose work has been exhibited locally and internationally. She spent a year living in Florence, Italy, where she studied painting and drawing at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. She likes watching classic films, listening to classic rock, hanging out with her two classy cats, and attempting to speak rusty Italian after a glass of pinot noir.

Ivan T. W.

Copy Editor & Editor

Ivan T. W.’s most recent scholarly paper, “Postpatriarchialist Narrative, Hegemony, and Modernism: The Stasis of Context: Neomodern Discourse in the Works of Dwayne Johnson” was considered so brilliant that only Lauer himself was said to be able to understand even a single word of it. Also, Christopher Hitchens once gave him a wedgie.

Margherita Turrin

Graphic Designer

Margherita is a freelance graphic designer based in Edinburgh. Usually spotted in the kitchen, eating or planning her next meal.

Michael Gomez

SEO Specialist and Contributing Editor

Living up to his boring name, Michael Gomez took his English degree and started working in marketing. In an attempt not to be boring, he joined the Epoch Press team so he has something interesting to add to his dating app profile. You can find Michael typing away at his desk, browsing his phone while Netflix is on, or sipping a beer at a bar/on his couch.

Samantha Mosca

Photography and Editor

Samantha K Mosca is a jack of many trades: an actress, a writer, a poet, an academic, an activist, a photographer, and podcast host. Currently, her day job is managing the household of one teenager, one toddler, and one overworked partner. At night, or during otherwise stolen time, Samantha writes, takes photographs, and reviews submissions for the journal. Her literary interests span the spectrum of the written and spoken word. She holds a first-class BAh in English Literature from Anglia Ruskin University and a first-class honours MLitt in creative writing from the University of Aberdeen.

Shane Bryan

Sales & Marketing

Although Shane Bryan is just now finishing his formal education in business, he has over a decade of experience in management and has spent almost as long overseeing sales and operations at a multi-million-dollar, multi-site franchise on the West Coast of the United States.

Many years ago, Shane spent precisely two minutes in culinary school before realising he would hate life as a chef. He still loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, much to the delight of his lovely wife. He enjoys a glass of good bourbon and reading historical fiction on the rare occasions he has free time.

Zahrah Ahmad

Social Media Manager and Contributing Editor

Zahrah Ahmad is a writer and artist based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated with an English Literature degree and has a background in copywriting and editing. She loves to dance, paint, go on adventures, eat delicious food, and binge-watch copious amounts of television and film.

Adam Gilson


Adam is a freelance writer and a full-time stay-at-home parent and guardian to three cats. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his first major work, a young adult science fiction novel. He teaches violin part-time for an after-school nonprofit program. He is prone to BBQ, foosball, and the occasional martini. He received his B.A. in English with an emphasis on creative writing from California State University Channel Islands in 2016.

Greta Ciuk


Greta Ciuk is a bookseller and digital publishing & marketing assistant with degrees in literature and publishing currently living in Oxford. She is working toward a career in publishing, and when she isn’t trying to spend her entire paycheck on books she enjoys photography and baking.

Dante Pieroni

Contributing Editor

Based in Toronto, Canada, Dante spends the work week as an Inventory Specialist in the craft beer industry. In his free time he enjoys putting his degree in English Literature and Media studies to use by reading diverse genres, writing in its many forms, and engaging with the ever-evolving world of social media.

Greg Combes

Contributing Editor

Greg Combes is a fan of writing that makes you feel and think. Just eliciting one of these is great but the combination of the two wakes something deeper. Words and the power they carry are fascinating; language can be either a great tool or a powerful weapon. While Greg’s educational background was focused on English, he also found time to delve into psychology and history. A passion for storytelling and storytellers brings Greg here to Epoch Press. The best is yet to come.

Lorna King

Contributing Editor – Hiatus

Lorna gained an MA in Screenwriting with her BSc in Psychology and is currently a freelance screenwriter. She loves collaborative and truly inclusive storytelling, figuring out what makes people tick and reading widely between working on scripts and applying for filmmaking funds.

Luz Pacheco

Contributing Editor

Luz Pacheco spends most of her time writing poetry, drawing, and reading. Her favorite genres are horror, fantasy, and science fiction. She also enjoys literary fiction and nonfiction, especially stories that show different perspectives and experiences.

Macarena Aguayo Fijo

Contributing Editor

Macarena is a writer and musician currently based in Spain, although her need of moving around the world may have her in some other country before long. She finished her studies in English Literature and Linguistics in Spain and headed to Aberdeen, where she graduated from a master’s degree in Creative Writing. Her writing varies from introspective, self-analysing poetry, to parodic, satiric prose. Above all, she loves reading and reviewing all interesting pieces of writing that fall on her hands!

Mia Boddington

Contributing Editor

Mia is currently working in e-Learning, having finished her BA in English and French literature earlier this year. She enjoys life writing, nature writing and literary fiction, and especially stories that are experimental with form. In her spare time, she likes to play piano, take photos and drink overpriced red wine.

Pardeep Lal

Contributing Editor

Pardeep Lal lives in Los Angeles where he makes music under the alias of Glassful. An avid reader and writer, Pardeep’s work tends to focus on musical subjects and related topics. He is currently working as an audio engineer and musician.

Philip Gregg

Contributing Editor

Philip is a mostly quiet human who occasionally gets vociferous when overrun with the desire to crush the system. Raised in a semi-anarchist commune in the south of Spain, he currently works for several eco-literary movements and believes the world is ready for a new set of stories. He lives in his shed at the end of a garden in Cambridge, UK. 

Tshireletso Kgomotso

Contributing Editor

Tshireletso Kgomotso enjoys reading across genres and reflecting on the writings. Her work has appeared in the Jellyfish Review and Litro Magazine. In 2017, she took a break from the corporate world and enrolled in University of Aberdeen’s MLitt Creative Writing programme to explore storytelling. For most of 2019, Tshireletso travelled through Southeast Asia with a 40l backpack; she finds it freeing to live with fewer things.

Alex Hand

Editorial Intern

Alex is a Brisbane-based writer, in Australia. He spent his childhood in Hampshire, England. Alex can often be found working in the garden but will readily admit to not having a clue what the individual plants are, he loves pottering and touching the earth. He’s generally an early morning person which is not difficult when the summer sun rises at 4 a.m. in Brisbane. Alex steers clear of science fiction but can’t be prised from a history book or a mug of tea. He has a Bachelors in Adult Education and a Master’s in Education Studies.

Ellie Grant

Editorial Intern

Ellie is a freelance copywriter and creative writing student based in Bournemouth. She loves all things fantasy and you can often find her engrossed in a book about witches, vampires, and other folklore favourites. When she isn’t writing, Ellie spends her time cooking up delicious treats for her friends and family.

Inanna Tribukait

Editorial Intern

Inanna is initially from the Black Forest in Germany. She received her undergraduate degree in English and Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow and is currently studying a masters course in Intercultural German-French Studies in Southern France. Whenever she’s not busy studying or moving countries, she likes to advocate for Climate Justice, write poetry and do things that might look cool in a future autobiography.

Megan Mae Willis

Editorial Intern

Megan Willis is a recent graduate with an MA in English Literature. She is currently interning at Ringwood Publishing and Epoch Press, so that she may get both her fiction and non-fiction fix. She is also a volunteer bookseller at the Edinburgh branch of Books for Amnesty, where she makes very good use of her staff discount. When she isn’t reading or editing, she can be found in the local charity shops searching for vintage goodies or wandering around the Edinburgh museums and galleries.

Hannah Walker

Communications Intern

Hannah Walker has a BA in PR and Marketing and wants to use this degree to promote new writing and talent within publishing. Hannah has a blog where she posts regular articles and book reviews. She enjoys reading feminist literature and contemporary fiction. When she isn’t buying books, she’s visiting local coffee shops in Edinburgh. 



Professional background in being adorable and a BA Hons in demanding attention.