Cara Bentley

Founder & Co-Editor-in-Chief

Cara Bentley loves engaging with creative non-fiction work that weaves a personal narrative of lived experiences with connections to external concepts and interesting research. Keenly aware of the increasing demand for creative non-fiction stories, paired with the absence of a printed literary publication dedicated to the genre, Cara (with the assistance of dozens of passionate creatives) established Epoch Press to fill the void.

Cara is a California native and Scottish immigrant. She received her BA in English, with an emphasis in creative writing, from California State University Channel Islands. This was followed by two postgraduate degrees – an MSc in Literature and Society from the University of Edinburgh and an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Aberdeen.

Cara is drawn to any body of water she can submerge herself in – especially if it’s very cold.

Scheherazade Khan


Scheherazade is currently completing her PhD in Intersectional Analysis at the University of Edinburgh and working simultaneously as a freelance proofreader and editor. A fan of all things storytelling, she is a keen reader and addicted to coffee; the perfect combination for staying up late into the night finishing book after book. 

Samantha Mosca

Managing Editor

Samantha K Mosca is a jack of many trades: an actress, a writer, a poet, an academic, an activist, a photographer, and podcast host. She is a queer, neurodivergent immigrant and a mum who spends her days chasing her wee toddler; at night, or during otherwise stolen time, Samantha writes, and takes photographs. She holds a first-class BA in English Literature from ARU and a first-class MLitt in creative writing from the University of Aberdeen. You can find her written and photographic work in Epoch Press, Ellipsis, and Mixtage Mag, Pareidolia, Bloom Magazine, and Ang(st), to name a few.

Hillary Bryan

Managing Art Editor

Hillary Bryan is a published artist and illustrator based in Southern California whose work has been exhibited locally and internationally. She spent a year living in Florence, Italy, where she studied painting and drawing at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. She likes watching classic films, listening to classic rock, hanging out with her two classy cats, and attempting to speak rusty Italian after a glass of pinot noir.

Ivan T. W.

Managing Copy Editor & Editor

Ivan read Confessions of a Mask as a teen and hasn’t been the same since.

Zahrah Ahmad

Social Media Manager

Zahrah Ahmad is a writer and artist based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated with an English Literature degree and has a background in copywriting and editing. She loves to dance, paint, go on adventures, eat delicious food, and binge-watch copious amounts of television and film.

Margherita Turrin

Graphic Designer

Margherita is a freelance graphic designer based in Edinburgh. Usually spotted in the kitchen, eating or planning her next meal.

Imogen Hay (she/her)

Managing Music Editor & Editor

Imogen Hay is a writer, songwriter and recent graduate with an MA in English Literature from the University of Glasgow. She descended from the wild lands of the Highlands in 2016 to pursue a spontaneous and eclectic creative career. She spends her time being a wannabe punk rock harpist; looking at pictures of people’s reading nooks on the internet and trying hard to be cooler. She has a music and mental health blog and tries to encourage a better understanding and empathy for mental illness. She is very pleased to be joining the Epoch team as she admires free-spirit creativity in literature in all the ways it can be found.

Michael Gomez

SEO Specialist

Living up to his boring name, Michael Gomez took his English degree and started working in marketing. In an attempt not to be boring, he joined the Epoch Press team so he has something interesting to add to his dating app profile. You can find Michael typing away at his desk, browsing his phone while Netflix is on, or sipping a beer at a bar/on his couch.

Julia Seiler

Sales & Research Coordinator

Julia is a highly creative-driven individual who enjoys various forms and genres of writing. She received her BA in Communication and Media Studies from Stetson University in Florida and moved to the UK to study for her MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Aberdeen. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. from RGU in Communication, Marketing, and Media with a focus on her research Self-Presentation of Poets: Modern Poets and Their Digital Personae. She enjoys investigating each individual’s subjective experiences, which is why the honesty and truthfulness of non-fiction creative writing draws her in! When she is not working, studying, or engaging with creative writing, she spends time with her fiance and chihuahua.

Martha French

Blog Editor

Martha is a final year literature undergraduate based in London and Cambridge. Alongside her studies, she writes articles on all things pop culture and produces student theatre of varying quality. She spends a lot of time thinking about the body as text and vice versa, and is particularly interested in writing (of all kinds, but especially creative non-fiction) that feels somehow corporeal. When not lost in literature, she can be found cooking, wild swimming, or café-hopping. More than anything else, she loves a good shark documentary.

Megan Mae Willis

Copy Editor & Editor

Megan Willis is a recent graduate with an MA in English Literature. As well as editing for Epoch Press, she edits an online feminist story-sharing platform. She is also a volunteer bookseller at the Edinburgh branch of Books for Amnesty, where she makes excellent use of her staff discount. When she isn’t reading or editing, she can be found in the local charity shops searching for vintage goodies or wandering around Edinburgh’s museums and galleries.

Chelsey Hoslett (she/her)

Art Editor

Chelsey Hoslett is an studio artist from southern California. She works in a variety of mediums from painting, sculpture to ceramics. Her true love is making functional ceramics, she has been working on making pottery for four years and has recently had the chance to make this passion into a small business. Chelsey believes art is a way to express oneself and to allow an artist to bring into the world what they feel is missing. When

Luz Pacheco

Contributing Editor

Luz Pacheco spends most of her time writing poetry, drawing, and reading. Her favorite genres are horror, fantasy, and science fiction. She also enjoys literary fiction and nonfiction, especially stories that show different perspectives and experiences.

Greg Combes

Contributing Editor

Greg Combes is a fan of writing that makes you feel and think. Just eliciting one these is great but the combination of the two wakes something deeper. Words and the power they carry are fascinating; language can be either a great tool or a powerful weapon. While Greg’s educational background was focused on English, he also found time to delve into psychology and history. A passion for storytelling and storytellers brings Greg here to Epoch Press. The best is yet to come.

Ellie Grant
(she/her + they/them)

Contributing Editor

Ellie is a freelance copywriter and creative writing student based in Bournemouth. She loves all things fantasy and you can often find her engrossed in a book about witches, vampires, and other folklore favourites. When she isn’t writing, Ellie spends her time cooking up delicious treats for her friends and family.

Macarena Aguayo Fijo

Contributing Editor

Macarena is a writer and musician currently based in Spain, although her need of moving around the world may have her in some other country before long. She finished her studies in English Literature and Linguistics in Spain and headed to Aberdeen, where she graduated from a master’s degree in Creative Writing. Her writing varies from introspective, s

Millen Brown-Owens (she/her)

Contributing Editor

Millen Brown-Ewens is an arts and culture journalist, writer and founding editor of the female-led publication The Bower Monologues. Since graduating from the University of the Arts London with a BA in Fashion Journalism last June, her affections have been swayed by the lure of the literary, hoping to pursue a career in publishing in an editorial capacity. Aside from the obvious appetite for a juicy read, she enjoys spending time in mother nature’s bosom; camping, walking and writing short stories and poetry in tune with her surroundings. She enjoys creative non-fiction with a focus on anthropologic responses to earth and its rhythms as well as mythology and folk tradition. For a fiction fix, she turns to expeditions of human emotion, anything with depth, a strong female protagonist or a damning tale of love and lust.

Beth Whitelaw

Contributor Editor

Beth is a part time publishing intern based in Glasgow, with a passion for reading and editing, and writing too – when she finds the time. She is a lover of women’s fiction and nature writing and everything in between, and has been published in the magazine Heavy Iridescent. She has spent the past year working as an usher, waitress, and a call handler, and is a collector of people’s stories. In her spare time she enjoys walking in the rain, knitting very badly, and working her way through the pile of books beside her bed.

Heem Eskridge

Contributing Editor

Heem is a humble librarian living in Southern California. He enjoys quaint little things like teapots and embroidery. However, he also likes things that are off-kilter, like the strange fiction of Robert Chambers and Ambrose Bierce. Heem revels in contradictions, as he believes they are the essence of human existence. When not baking scones or playing Bloodborne, Heem can be found on his couch in the fetal position watching Sailor Moon with a blanket over his head.

Elizabeth Gracie

Contributing Editor

Elizabeth Gracie is an on-Elizabeth is a lover of strong coffee and cheap wine and is currently working as a journalist in regional Australia where she has been published nationwide in a number of regional and city masthead newspapers. Previously she has worked as a Managing Editor of multiple digital and print titles and as a presenter and executive producer of a range of shows across Sydney’s multitude of radio networks. She is very excited to join the team at Epoch Press, expand her horizons and dive deep into some great literature.

Michael Akuchie

Contributing Editor

Michael is a poet who wants to be a poet, too, in his essays. Besides writing lots of 500-word lyrical essays, he spends time watching vintage WWE videos on YouTube and burying his nose in teen drama films. His first poetry chapbook, Wreck, was published in 2020 by the Hellebore Press, a book which Josè Olivarez selected to receive The Hellebore Poetry Scholarship Award. Michael tweets @Michael_Akuchie and wants you to know that his Twitter feed comprises poetry news retweets and rare self-portraits.

Aimee Hill

Editorial Intern

Aimee Hill is a freelance editor and recent graduate with an MA in Publishing. She spends her free time reading, knitting, sewing, and caring for her 37 house plants. She is interested in how language nurtures and confuses national identity in literature. Her Master’s dissertation interrogated diversity and representation in the publishing industry, which remains a topic she is passionate about. She longs for a life on a hobby farm with endless tea, good hiking routes, and a nice lake to swim in.

Alex Rix

Editorial Intern

Alex grew up often having no idea what was going on. Struggles led her to find support in books, magazines and on screen. She learned to make sense of life through the lived experiences of others and of characters. When she began writing this was her aim, to create that same support for others who may need it and to raise awareness for the same struggles she has faced. She has always understood the power of fiction, and has been left in awe of the impact creative non-fiction can have, both on the writer and the reader.

Alex is a writer and reader of creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry and reviews. She has a BA Hons in English Literature as well as Film and Television from Aberystwyth University, where she is currently acquiring a Masters’s degree in Creative Writing. Her written works can be found in Epoch Press, Kerosene, Heroica and on her own website Rix Reviews(

She’s also a pretty inventive cook.

Anna Carroll

Editorial Intern

Recently graduating with an MA in Publishing and Creative Writing, Anna lives in North Northumberland where she continues to write Young Adult, fantasy, and crime fiction. Her spare time is spent collecting vinyl records, listening to them anytime she can, and is usually paired with a fantasy book. As well as her love for pop and rock music, she is a fan of British comedy, so you can often find her watching stand-up and sitcoms in her bedroom. Anna is delighted to join the team at Epoch Press and is very excited to hear the wise and wonderful words from a range of talented writers.

Ellie Davis

Editorial Intern

Ellie is a recent graduate from an MA in media practice for development and social change. She is also an activist and creator, looking to engage in positive change. She is fascinated by complex systems and how moving into inter-disciplinary spaces can create this change.

Stories have been the thread in her somewhat meandering academic career, beginning with an undergraduate degree in biology, with a focus on communications, via a brief spell in circus school, through to her master’s and current work as a copywriter, editor, and researcher. Outside of work, she is usually reading, taking an online course, or trying to keep her plethora of houseplants alive.

Lola Gaztañaga Baggen

Editorial Intern

Lola was named after an icon of Andalusian folklore, the Kinks’ controversial 1970 hit song, and the man-eating siren Lorelei, which just about sums it up. She loves cooking, writing, and reading, with a special fondness for children’s literature, magical realism, and speculative fiction of any kind, from Margaret Atwood to Shirley Jackson — or the subject of her undergraduate dissertation and undying affection: Diana Wynne Jones.

Joana Kalcheva

Communications Intern

I’m a bookworm–no, a book dragon!–as I’ve been devouring one book after another since I was six years old. I love reading books about nature, space, astronomy books, sci fi and historical fiction. After completing my master’s degree in Publishing in Barcelona, I worked as an intern in a publishing house there and volunteered at one of their charity bookshops. I moved to Edinburgh after a short visit to attend the SYP Scotland’s 2018 Publishing conference. I fell in love with the city and couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else. I completed a couple of publishing-related short courses at the University of Edinburgh and currently, I’m a submissions reader for Sandstone Press, a beta reader for SmashBear Publishing and the occasional contributor to the Publishing Planet newsletter. As part of the SYP Scotland committee, Itry to spread the word and promote all the publishing events organised by them across universities in Scotland and the UK. Among other things, I manage my own bookish blog and bookstagram. Besides reading, in my spare time I love going on long walks, drawing, stargazing at night and writing short stories that I hope one day I will finally finish.



Professional background in being adorable and a BA Hons in demanding attention.