Print reproductions will not match the quality of your original work. It is important that you submit high quality, high-resolution files if your work is accepted for print in order to provide the best reproduction possible.
If the quality and resolution of your files are not suitable for print reproduction, your work will not be eligible for publication.

Before you submit your files to us, please:

Check your resolution to be sure your files meet our submission requirements.
Double-check to be sure you are able to submit files which meet our final submission criteria in the event that your work is selected. 
Be sure to name your files in the following format: FirstLast_Title (ex: OctaviaButler_Bloodchild)
Remember that just because your file looks good on your computer screen does not mean that it will be able to go to print. Always double check your resolution.
Only submit the file types we have requested (.jpeg for initial submissions, .tiff once your work has been selected.)


Always keep a copy of your original file.
It is best not to edit or re-save your .jpeg files. Always save .jpeg files as a copy of your original file, and never re-name a .jpeg file by re-saving it or using “Save As.” 
These files are compressed by discarding data. Every time a .jpeg is re-saved, image quality drops.