Greta’s Staff Spotlight

Greta’s Staff Spotlight

Who is your favourite author?

Carmen Maria Machado 

What are you reading now? 

All men want to know by Nina Bouraoui 

What is your CNF recommendation?

In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado 

What does ‘Truth in Ink’ mean to you?

Truth in Ink means authenticity, it means profoundly personal chronicles by authors not afraid to share themselves in the most unfiltered and honest way. It means a group of brilliant individuals devoted to storytelling, diversity, and equality, working to create a platform for an underrepresented genre full of potential.

Greta Ciuk
Greta Ciuk

Greta Ciuk is a bookseller and digital publishing & marketing assistant with degrees in literature and publishing currently living in Oxford.

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  1. 4 February, 2021 / 8:48 pm

    Greta…your words resonated. Those Beta readers with who I have shared my work often have asked “is this true?”
    Unashamedly I have said yes. For to write with honesty and authenticity for me is to be very human. To share breaks down the fears and barriers between others.

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