Epoch’s Autumn Issue 04: Transition, to be released 1 Nov 2021

We are accepting submissions for our Autumn Issue (04): ‘Transition’ from the 7th of May through to the 8th of July.

Please visit our Submissions page for more details. 

Contributor Payment

Epoch Press is committed to paying contributors. At present, we offer authors and artists of accepted contributions their choice of:

A. £15 per accepted piece


B. £5 plus a contributor copy (and shipping) per accepted piece.

We’re artists and writers ourselves; we know your work has value and exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Epoch Press is a brand new, independent publishing press with low funds but big goals. Paying contributors well is a crucial tenet of our long-term plan, and the amount we offer for accepted submissions will increase with our funding.

Featured Author

In addition to the standard payment for each contributing author, we will select one piece of writing in every issue and this author will be awarded an additional £25 prize. This selection will be our ‘Feature’ for that issue, and made available to the public on our website (as well as published in the journal).

We offer this featured story so that potential readers or subscribers have an opportunity to connect with and evaluate a piece that we believe represents that issue.

Cover Art

Submissions for Cover Art relating to the theme of ‘Transition’ should be sent to art@epochpress.org, from 7 May to 11 June, with a subject line ‘Cover Art: Transition’ to be considered. If not selected as our Cover Art, your submission will still be considered for general publication in this issue, unless specified otherwise. The standard payment for contributing artists is £15, while the artist of our Cover Art will be awarded £25. 

Please visit our Submissions page for more details.

What does Transition mean?

‘Transition’ derives from Late Middle English and is based on the Latin transition transire: ‘go across’. A modern definition would understand it to be the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Other definitions:

  • The process by which a person permanently adopts the outward or physical characteristics of the gender with which they identify, as opposed to those associated with the sex they were assigned at birth.
  • Music: a momentary modulation from one key to another.
  • Physics: a change of an atom, nucleus, electron, etc. from one quantum state to another, with emission or absorption of radiation.

We asked our staff what transition meant to them and hopefully their responses will inspire all you creatives for the upcoming issue.

“Transitions happen everywhere in life, from the journey of the setting sun to the changes we make within ourselves. Often people believe transitions to be feared or avoided; people don’t often embrace change. But that can harm us, for change happens constantly – the world evolves, we adapt, people grow. You can’t step in the way of it, but why would you want to. The world can be better because of it.”

Transitions are times of great power and  movement, but they are also times of intense vulnerability, courage, and discovering. Sometimes we are thrust into a transition by circumstance, sometimes we traverse the path freely. I am interested in reading the stories that explore those liminal spaces, the stories that touch on those powerful but often brief experiences that truly illuminate what it means to adapt and endure.”

“I think roots are usually seen as a positive, i.e. a family or community. But for many people, those can also be neutral or even negative things. Roots can be something you are struggling to free yourself from. It can be a past self you want to leave behind.