Epoch’s Spring Issue 06: Space to be released 1 June, 2022

From the 1st of January we’ll be accepting creative nonfiction submissions surrounding concepts of ‘Space’!

Before submitting your creative nonfiction writing, artwork or music, please be sure to check out What We Publish and visit our Submissions page for details about our guidelines. 

Contributor Payment

Epoch Press is committed to paying contributors. At present, we offer authors and artists of accepted contributions their choice of:

A. £15 per accepted piece


B. £5 plus a contributor copy (and international shipping) per accepted piece.

We’re artists and writers ourselves; we know your work has value and exposure doesn’t pay the bills. Epoch Press is a brand new, independent publishing press with low funds but big goals. Paying contributors well is a crucial tenet of our long-term plan, and the amount we offer for accepted submissions will increase with our budget.

Featured Author

In addition to the standard payment for each contributing author, we will select one piece of writing in every issue and this author will be awarded an additional £25 prize. This selection will be our ‘Feature’ for that issue, and made available to the public on our website (as well as published in the journal).

We offer this featured story so that potential readers or subscribers have an opportunity to connect with and evaluate a piece that we believe represents that issue.

Cover Art

All Art submissions will also be considered as the Cover Art for that issue. While the standard payment for contributing artists is £15, our cover artist will be awarded £25. 

Please visit our Submissions page for more details.

What We Mean By ‘Space’

I. (n.) Denoting time or duration

  1. Time which is free or available for doing something; leisure; opportunity;
  2. Quantity or extent of time;

II. (n.) Denoting area or extension

  1. Linear distance;
  2. Physical extent or area; extent in two or three dimensions;
  3. Area sufficient for a purpose, action, etc.; room to contain or do something;
  4. The expanse in which celestial objects are situated; the physical universe (excluding celestial objects) beyond the earth’s atmosphere, consisting of near vacuum with small amounts of gas and dust;
  5. Continuous, unbounded, or unlimited extent in every direction, without reference to any matter that may be present;
  6. The physical expense which surrounds something;
  7. An empty place or part; a void; a gap
  8. The heavens; the skies; the firmament

“I am especially thrilled to review submissions that focus on the celestial definition of Space; those that manage to weave focused research about some aspect of our physical universe alongside personal narrative and/or wider concepts and truths.” -Cara

“To me when I think of space I think of the great beyond, the inescapable fact that ‘space’ is endless with limitless possibilities and how this ties to the physical/emotional space between us as insignificant specks of nothing in this great universe and others in our lives through everyday encounters and platonic/romantic relationships. I’d love to read submissions focusing on this broad definition of what space is and can be both between humans and between us and all that exists above us.” – Elizabeth