Author Spotlight: Paul Chuks

Author Spotlight: Paul Chuks

Paul Chuks (He/Him)is a Nigerian poet, writer and song writer studying at the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria. He has appeared or is forthcoming in Glass poetry, Brittlepaper, Moonchild magazine, Epoch Press, Superstition Review, Streetcakemag, & elsewhere. When Chuks is not reading or writing, he’s criticising the hiphop game or mimicking Michael Jackson. Paul is on Twitter and you can find his piece ‘When God Drowns in a Mouth’ in Issue 4, ‘Transitions’ which can be purchased here.

‘Transitions’ is such an evocative theme, what compelled you to submit for this issue?

As a growing person, I have shed off many things I initially believed in, for newer ones, compatible with my lifestyle & the world at large. & it often happens these days, since I’m currently a student of philosophy, & I usually encounter many things that crush my belief. Once I saw the prompt, I knew it was time to bring one of those stories to light.

Do you have a routine for writing? If so, what is it and how has it evolved?

My writing routine is somehow chaotic, as I oscillate between being a student & a creative writer of multiple genres. I don’t have a definite routine, unlike last year when we were all shut at home, that I wrote almost everyday & read every day. But nevertheless, I always have series of inspirations for different stories & poems, but I get to write the ones I feel very strongly about.

What is most challenging and most rewarding about using real life in your work?

Writing is not easy, I must say. From trying to get the words on sheet, as imagined in the head, to finding striking words that’ll pass the message & evoke the pictures & emotions of the writer’s intentions. The most challenging part is that one’s story that was initially a secret, is now out as a story or in a poem & many times, some readers take these stories personal & pick a fight. I lost a friend who read my poem on Brittlepaper that involved me questioning God on many unsettling things, like the concept of hell & eternal damnation. In his opinion, man is not to question God, & so I’m blocked.

What is song is on repeat for you right now?

Song? I suppose you meant songs?? Well, I’m currently enjoying Jcole’ BORN SINNER LP, Kendrick’s DAMN, & Mi Abaga’s ILLEGAL MUSIC III. 

Samantha Mosca
Samantha Mosca

A jack of many trades: an actress, a writer, a poet, an academic, an activist, a photographer and podcast host, Samantha writes, takes photographs, and reviews submissions for the journal. Her literary interests span the spectrum of the written and spoken word.


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