Author Spotlight: Natasha Griffin

Natasha Griffin is a Creative Writing senior at Agnes Scott College. Post-graduation, she will attend graduate school to become a youth librarian and YA author. Her piece, “32 oz.”, can be found in EPOCH Issue 02: Aftermath, available to purchase here.

What books did you grow up reading?

Growing up, I read a lot of YA fantasy books like The Hunger Games and the Percy Jackson series. I became so obsessed with these books that I would dream about the characters. I was so amazed at the possibilities of fiction and real life. I realized as a writer I could create work that extends beyond what I know.

What is the most challenging aspect of your creative process? 

One thing that I admire most about writers is that they have to be vulnerable to an extent to share their work. I believe it’s that vulnerability that makes a reader connect with your work even for a moment. What’s challenging for me is finding the balance between that vulnerability and protecting the intimate aspects of my life. I try to write from a perspective that someone can relate to at some level while still protecting my space. 

What does your writing space look like? 

Honestly, I don’t have a particular writing space. A lot of times, I would be doing other activities like watching tv or eating, and a memory from my life or an idea would form and I have to write. I will say though most of my writing happens late at night.

Who is your biggest artistic supporter? 

I would say my biggest artistic supporters are my best friends Jada, Andrea, and Jade. We’ve all been friends since high school and they all possess unique creative talents that I admire. Even after all these years, I always send them new ideas or pieces that I have, and no matter the time of day they give me words of encouragement and feedback. I think that since they’re all so talented, I always strive to give 100% in my writing because I know I have them by my side and I want to make them proud. My friends made me realize being a writer could be real for me. I want to write poetry and stories that would be relatable to a reader but make them feel supported even in the simplest of ways of reading.

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