Author Spotlight: Michael James Byrne

Author Spotlight: Michael James Byrne

Michael is an accomplished actor, singer, and director that has worked across the globe. His most notable credits include premiering the role of Pip in Stephen Schwartz’s Magic To Do, Tony in West Side Story, Chad in All Shook Up, and Drew in Rock of Ages. Michael has also premiered in various short films in Southern California. When not performing on stage or in front of the camera Michael is actively directing various projects. Having directed a wide range of theatre and film, Michael is excited to bring his original concepts and stories to Epoch Press. You can find Michael on Instagram and his website. His piece, ‘The Lovers’ can be found in Epoch Issue 4, Transitions.

‘Transitions’ is such an evocative theme, what compelled you to submit for this issue? 

I love the idea of change…and the RESISTANCE to change. That is what The Lovers is all about. Transitioning from lust and fondness to love and commitment. How do people cope with transitioning from barely knowing who their partner in life is to knowing EVERYTHING about them? My concept of the famous painting by Magritte was to use the faces shrouded in cloth to be a physicalized idea of holding back your truest since of self to someone. The idea of removing the cloth that hides your most distinct features being the ultimate form of love and vulnerability. Transitioning from a child like romance to a mature deeply grounded romance is such an interesting and mysterious concept to me.  

Do you have a routine for creating art? 

Music drives most of my creativity. When I hear music I see images. Especially classical and film music. I like to draw storyboard sketches about what I see and shoot those images onto my grandpas old film camera. Music is the main source of inspiration for me. 

What is most challenging and most rewarding about turning real life into art? 

Concept and storytelling. Making sure the the moral and ideals of your desired medium is told. I love the idea of having different takeaways and themes from a variety of observers of your art, but making sure you put onto your canvas or camera what you imagined and your story beats is always the most difficult.  

What is song is on repeat for you right now? 

“Time” from Hans Zimmer is always on a constant loop in my brain.

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