Author Spotlight: Inanna Tribukait

Author Spotlight: Inanna Tribukait

Inanna Tribukait was born in the Black Forest in Germany. Her poetry is primarily concerned with themes of ecology, ecological crisis and our connection to the natural world. Her piece ‘Somnambulism’ can be found in EPOCH Issue 02: Aftermath, available to purchase here.

What books did you grow up reading? 

So many it’s hard to pick. I loved Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja Robber’s Daughter and the Brother’s Lionheart, Michael Ende’s Momo and the Neverending Story, Ottfried Preussler’s Krabat, Roald Dahl’s Matilda, but also, like most kids of my generation, books about a certain boy wizard. I also read a lot of German fairytales and my absolute favourite book until today remains The Little Prince.

What is the most challenging aspect of your creative process? 

Probably actually finishing the work I have started. My creativity comes in phases, so I can write a lot very quickly, but the editing process afterwards often takes very long, and it goes hand in hand with the challenge of not ending up hating and abandoning what I wrote a few weeks before.

What does your writing space look like? 

Like my phone notes app, a pen and a supermarket receipt, subway tickets, diaries. Since I write mostly poetry, I don’t really have a specific writing space, I write when creativity overcomes me. Most often that will be somewhere in the outdoors, whether that is city or countryside. I like going for long walks and listening to myself and to what the outside world is telling me.

Who is your biggest artistic supporter? 

Probably my two best friends. One of them is a poet too, so we oftentimes encourage each other to write and edit each other’s works, we’ve also made zines together in the past and regularly send each other publishing opportunities if we think they fit the other’s style. The other one I met during my course for English Literature at uni and even before I properly got into writing myself, we often read poetry together and discussed what we liked about it or not – by now it just sometimes also happens to be my own poetry.

Where can we follow you and find your work?

Twitter: @inatribukait
Instagram: @inannakatharina

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