Artist Spotlight: Sophia Bharmal

Artist Spotlight: Sophia Bharmal

Sophia Bharmal is an architecture graduate based in London whose artwork focuses on a fragmentation and fantastical view of cities in India. Using memories as a powerful tool to recreate spaces in her own form.

Bharmal’s piece ‘Palace at Sunset’ can be found in Epoch Issue 01: Beginnings (available for purchase here).

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from a series of fragmented memories of  my visits to India, displaying traditional tectonics found in Indian architecture and a focus on Indian women. Within the grandeur which I take from elements of Rajasthan and Mughal architecture I insert everyday moments of normality and the experience of Indian culture I have been brought up with. 

Why do you write/create Creative Non-Fiction?

My work is both an escape from my everyday experience of London life and a desperate want of understanding and portrayal of what life in India would have been like for me. This exploration into my heritage is helping me gain a greater appreciation for the customs and traditions I have been brought up with, from the clothes we wear at home to the riot of colour inserted into so many aspects of my life. 

What are you reading now? (If you aren’t reading anything, let us know what other art you’re consuming)

I’m currently taking a lot of inspiration from the collection of photographs by Christine Chitnis in the book ‘Patterns of India’. I was also lucky to see the Tracy Emin/ Edvard Munch exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art prior to the UK lockdown. I find human form a challenging subject in my own work and I found the expressive and unabashed portrayal of women in both artists work very inspiring.  

Where can we follow you and find your work?

My work can be found on my Instagram @sophia_make_ing and on my website

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