Artist Spotlight: Sofia Eskola

Artist Spotlight: Sofia Eskola

Sofia Eskola is a Finnish photographer. Her work stems from exploring different emotions. Visually Eskola uses a conceptual approach to exhibit the diversity of mindsets and to reduce social polarization. You can follow Sofia on Twitter and Instagram. Sophia’s photography pieces, “I Will Fix You” and “You Have Crossed the Line”, can be found in Epoch Issue 4, Transitions.

 ‘Transitions’ is such an evocative theme, what compelled you to submit for this issue? 

Transition is such a natural part of any kind of creating process, so it felt really easy to grasp the abstract idea of the theme and make my own interpretations of it. Since the subject of my art is usually humans, human transitions felt the most natural approach for my submissions. We all go through so many emotional and social transitions in our life and they often happen so quickly, that we don’t even notice them until later in life. My submissions for the theme “Transitions” seize those little moments in life, when we mentally break something old and transit to somewhere new.

Do you have a routine for creating art? 

I often write down ideas and sketch photos before the actual execution. Personal or others’ experiences and emotions inspire my work. When I’m creating art, a flow state is a big part of the process.

What is most challenging and most rewarding about turning real life into art?

The most challenging part is to turn the vision from my head into a physical piece of art. But the most rewarding thing is when I succeed in it! My visions don’t always turn as I’ve planned them in my head, but when they do, it feels like something unreal and magical.

What song is on repeat for you right now?

Queen – Radio Ga Ga

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