Artist Spotlight: Eunice Otu

Eunice Otu standing in a geen grass area wearing a white and pink top with blue jeans

Eunice is a traditional and digital artist that loves to tell stories with her art. She sees the world through a pencil and a paintbrush and hopes to show everyday reality through her art. Eunice also majors in English and literature at the university “Unizik” (Nnamdi Azikiwe University) in Nigeria. Her piece, ‘Wax Woman’, can be found in EPOCH Issue 03: Roots, available to purchase here.

Why do you make creative nonfiction art?

I make creative nonfiction art because I believe Conveying nature and people in their rawest form through art communicates a deeper sense of relatability. 

Did you have a piece in mind when you learned Epoch’s theme, or did you create something new? If so, how did you approach the theme of Roots in the creation of your work?

Yes, I had a piece in mind when I learned about Epoch’s theme. I didn’t create a new piece but my drawing “wax woman” embodied the theme “Roots” because there was something unfiltered and bare about the piece and the motivation that inspired it. 

What is the biggest challenge when creating non-fiction art?

For me, my biggest challenge usually dwells in the ability to ensure that my skills match my imaginations or my eyesight, because it’s one this to see but another thing all together to recreate what you saw on paper or canvas. 

What’s your favourite piece of art in your home?

My favorite piece of art in my home is an old painting of my father done by one of my cousins. It holds a dear place in my heart because it was out of fascination for the piece that I became curious and interested in visual arts. 

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